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Quality assurance (Qa) is a process to ensure that a companies are providing the best possible products or services. Focusing on enhancing and improving the process that is used to create the end result, rather than focusing on the result itself.


Ultra Property Maintenance Services has an experienced Technical Manager who reviews the majority works that are undertaken by Ultra Property Maintenance Services.

After the completion of an installation, the Technical Manager will make a visit to the property to carry out an inspection and to confirm the job has been carried out correctly and in accordance with established guidelines.

It is our hope that these Quality Control (QC) checks provide further peace of mind and confidence to our customers.


We monitor our re-calls and publish weekly results, culminating in continual awareness with both our management team and engineers. 1.8 is our magic number, this is the percentage of re-calls that we would like to maintain. We understand that human error occurs, as does certain elements that are out of our control.


Our engineers have all been rigorously trained to deliver reliable technical support on the spot as well as to ensure consistent high service levels and consistency are maintained.